Bird’s-Eye View Of New York


Imagine hanging out of a helicopter that is flying at 7 500 feet and at night. This is what talented photographer Vincent Laforet did to capture these absolutely amazing aerial photographs of New York City, the city that never sleeps and has so much energy it’s palpable. The Commissioners’ Plan of 1811 put New York City’s grid plan in place and was the original design for Manhattan’s streets. This plan has been referred to as the most important document in the city’s development and is possibly the most famous use of the grid plan. Central Park, which is 843 acres, was not envisioned until 1853 and is therefore not part of the grid system. I always find it astonishing how big Central Park is when seen from above, a view that I never tire of. The first thing that hit me when I saw these images is how perfectly clear the grid system is.

I am beyond excited to say that I will be arriving in this wonderful city tomorrow, so there are going to be quite a few posts about The Big Apple over the next few days.

NYC Vincent Laforet 02

NYC Vincent Laforet 03NYC Vincent Laforet 04Image Credits: Esquire, Sploid


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