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  1. Shannon-Lee Van Schoor on

    Cooking is like art and science all rolled into one. It allows one to build skills, be creative and DE-stress. When you are finished you have a wonderful and delicious meal to enjoy with your loved ones. Cooking is more mentally stimulating than you would ever imagine, it creates a relaxed environment and for some reason it creates peace of mind as well.

    Winning Katie Quinn Davies’s cookbook would give me another reason to explore the AMAZING wonders of cooking. It would allow me to enter into my world of creativity and happiness. A world where nothing else matters besides Double Choc brownies with salted butterscotch and cherries, “The world we not allowed to enter “when we not cooking because the normal world just won’t allow us to…

    I could go on and on about the joys that something as simple as cooking could bring to one’s life but I guess I have made my point by now.


  2. I’d like to win this cookbook, because I am a bad cook, and for the greater good of my husband and kids – I think it would be unfair to them if I didn’t win it!

  3. I really need to win Katie Quinn Davies cookbook because I have forgotten how to cook!! I sadly have become one of the snip-and-pour-packet-sauce-meal-brigade and have lost all confidence in my ability to produce something really delicious AND HEALTHY from scratch. So a good cookbook would be a great companion on my road to recovery to good food. (Please also post about any book that can help one create another 12 hours in a 24 hour day!)

  4. The cook book looks amazing. I would really love to win the book indulge my visual and taste sensations. From the snippets that I have seen of the book it looks like it has fantastic recipes and photographs.

  5. I need to win this cookbook as I have a husband who does not eat vegetables and kids that are super fussy too! Coming up with creative ideas each night about what to feed them is a killer – so, some new, inspiring recipe’s will go down well!

  6. I would love to win this cookbook as after 36 years of marriage my style of cooking is now so ‘old school’ and my recipes so ‘cooked and presented’ too many times. It will give me inspiration to change my ideas and style of cooking and present some new and tasty dishes for my dear husband, family and friends.

  7. I would love to win this book so I can get creative in the kitchen and have a surprise every so often to spoil the family…..and maybe a romantic dinner or two prepared by myself!

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